Für IHN macht es Sinn

Folgende Worte von Loren Eiseley haben einen tiefen Sinn. Viel mehr als die deutsche Übersetzung spricht mich die Originalversion an.
Die deutschen Worte können ganz einfach über Google („der Seestern Gedicht“) gefunden werden.

A young man was strolling along the beach.
Suddenly he caught view and compassionately saw through further than his eye or heart could reach.
Helpless starfish spewed upon the beach, endless scores washed upon the shore for the tide had receded.

 Now all were craving that helping hand so badly needed.
Multitudes snared and left behind unsaved upon that rugged shoreline.
What could the young man do, but go for the rescue.
No more out of sight, out of mind.
Not this time.
Without regret or remorse he passionately pursued what seemed right and good with him
Upon this obvious course to save as many as he could.
His will now resigned to save one at a time.

With a frustrated glance an old man watched from a distance in unbelief and ridicule censoring the young man and judging him a fool for he also took a stance.
The way of Cain.
The pathway of self-interest and self-gain that ignores another’s needs and pain.
Across the scorching sand he glared perplexed that this young man could possibly care.
He crossed the path of indifference and approached the young man and said
“Are you out of your head?
Why do you go, don’t you know there are continuous miles and countless, thousands of starfish innumerable on these endless coastlands?
Your dream is a waste and these lives mere throw aways.
It’s a crime to squander such valuable time. You’re alive!
Does it really matter if they survive?
Can’t you see they are not your responsibility. Return from this vanity back to reality.
Reset your priorities, it’s a futile mistake. It’s time to awake!
And though it doesn’t matter anyway, defend yourself for I need to know what’s your take?
What difference could you possibly make?”

Then the young man picked up a starfish and said
It makes a difference to this one!”
And cast it into the sea.

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